sg player edition english willow cricket bat

The SG Player Edition Cricket Bat is designed for professional players who demand the best performance from their equipment.

Handcrafted from high-quality English willow, this bat offers excellent balance, durability, and a superb feel in the hands.

The thick edges and meaty profile of the bat provide maximum power and precision for the modern-day game.

The mid-blade sweet spot allows for controlled shots while still maintaining a high level of power on impact.

The unique SG Bat Handle Technology ensures minimal shock to the hands, reducing the risk of injury and providing a comfortable grip.

The high-quality grip on the handle allows for excellent control and maneuverability, even in sweaty or wet conditions.

The sleek design of the bat with its vibrant colors and signature SG logo is sure to catch the eye on the field.

Each bat comes with a high-quality protective cover to keep it in pristine condition when not in use.


$425.99 $499.00

sg player edition English willow cricket bat

The best SG Player Edition cricket bat is well balanced, light weight and cheaper than other high quality cricket bats. It is also available in different sizes so that you can choose the best one for your game. This bat is made of special grade 1 English willow which makes it one of the best cricket bats in the world. The handle of this bat is made of Sarawak cane which makes it very comfortable to grip. The sweet spot of this bat is located at the center of the blade which helps you to play your best shots. This bat also comes with a full length cover so that you can protect your bat while not in use.

The best SG player edition cricket bats are those that have been used by top players. These bats are designed to offer superb performance and they also come with a great warranty period. If you are looking for a bat that offers great value for money, then the best SG player edition cricket bat is the one that you should go for.

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