Beast Players pro+ cricket bat

Beast players pro+ cricket bat is made with special hand-selected grade 1 English willow. This luxury willow comes from only the best grade of timber; this willows can only be found in small quantities because they’re so difficult to come by.

Beast Players Pro Cricket Bats are a popular brand of cricket bats that are designed for professional and serious amateur players. They are made from high-quality English willow, which is known for its strength, durability, and excellent performance on the cricket pitch.

Beast Players Pro Cricket Bats are designed with a mid-to-low sweet spot, which makes them ideal for players who like to play shots on the front foot. They also have a traditional shape with a slightly curved blade, which helps to generate power and speed when hitting the ball.

The handle of Beast Players Pro Cricket Bats is made from high-quality cane, which provides a comfortable and secure hold for the player. The bats also have a textured grip, which further enhances the grip and control for the player.

Players Pro Cricket Bats are available in various weights and sizes, ranging from 2lb 7oz to 2lb 12oz. They also come in different shapes and designs, catering to the different preferences of players.

Overall, Beast Players Pro Cricket Bats are known for their quality, performance, and durability, making them a popular choice among professional and serious amateur cricket players.


Beast Players pro+ cricket bat is made with special hand made grade 1 English willow . This willow is specially hand selected, hand crafted and this are top quality willows from grade 1, this willows are used by international players as well.


This willows are very limited quantity and this cant be found everywhere. this can weight from 1100 grams to 1220 grams.

Cricket Stuff online also customize the bats .

Description :

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🛑 Key Points

🔹~Each bat is individually and uniquely pressed to achieve the optimum performance from each piece of willow used.

🔹~Superbly balanced with light pickup.

🔹~Suited to the players who play all around the wicket both front and back foot.

🔹~Mid middle position with an extended spine to enhance the sweet-spot.

🔹~Weights from 2lb6oz to 2lb12oz.


  • Custom bats available
  •  Grains 9-11
  •  Weight 2.5-2.10 lbs.
  •  Harrow size
  •  Short handle, long blade
  • Full profile
  • Toe around 22mm - 28 mm
  • Bigger sweet spot
  • 40-42 mm edges
  • thicker handle
  • concave edges


🔸Oiled to prevent weathering and cracking of bat

🔸 Gripped with a new chevron grip, hex grip

🔸 New toe guard applied to prevent toe damage and moisture from entering the bat

🔸 New anti-scuff sheet applied to protect the face of the bat

🔸 Fiber tape applied to the edges of the face to prevent cracking

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