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cricket bat handle service

knocking service

Cricket bat knocking is the process of preparing a new cricket bat for use by compressing and conditioning the willow on the surface of the bat. This process helps to reduce the risk of the bat cracking or breaking during use and can improve the performance of the bat. turn around time for this is 3 days

Handle Repair

We are the reputable cricket bat repair service which removes old handle properly with machine which is used by big companies like SS SG and installs new handle properly. Turn around time for this 2-3 days at max it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible to ensure that the bat is safe and comfortable to use.

repair & refurb

it is important to ensure that the bat lasts as long as possible and performs at its best. If the bat has any cracks or major damage, we are here to repair any damage you see on bat as long as it is not broken horizontally. Refurbishing the blade of the bat involves sanding and oiling the surface of the willow to improve its performance and re-grip the bats grip. and knock the bat again to make sure it is ready to play as before

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